Company activity in 2020

In 2020, Chaarat Kapan has improved its operation at the Kapan mine with new equipment and production efficiencies and has worked very closely with the community through the COVID-19 pandemic and to support with donations where needed. It was a great pleasure and an honor to contribute to the community’s efforts. According to the memorandum of socio-economic cooperation signed between the Company and the Kapan Municipality, 120 million Armenian drams were provided by the Company ánd used for the implementation of subvention programs. In addition to these programs, the Company donated financial aid to the development of cultural, social, health and other programs implemented in the Kapan community. Out of the ca 250 million drams Chaarat Kapan provided to such programs, our focus was on COVID-19 pandemic precautionary measures and immediate support on areas where help was needed. As for the healthcare system, Chaarat Kapan improved the working conditions and provided new modern technological equipment.

The plans for 2020 are summarized in this video.