Kapan will have a new preschool in the new academic year of 2023

The construction works of the preschool, funded by Chaarat Kapan, at Lernagortsneri 16 street in the Kapan community are nearing completion. At the moment, interior works are underway.

The 12 operating preschools in the town work in overloaded groups. During recent years building a new preschool has become an increasingly important issue for the community, with the launch of which the issue of attendance of around 150 children will be solved, new jobs will be created and most importantly, the best conditions for education and entertainment of the children will be provided. It is one of the unique buildings in the region as a preschool built with new technologies, every detail is carefully thought out here so that children will enjoy visiting the preschool.

For the project, the company allocated 100 million AMD in 2019 and 130 million AMD in 2022 to the community within the framework of the socio-economic partnership signed with the Kapan community.

This is one of the most important investments of Chaarat, for the implementation of which the company spared no expense so that the children of the town Kapan have favorable conditions.