Environmental training in the company

The 3rd year students of the Faculty of Technologies and Industry Economics of the Kapan branch of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia visited the company.

Within the framework of the university-company cooperation, the students had the opportunity to get acquainted practically with the processes of surface water sampling and cleaning and monitoring of mine water carried out by the company Environmental Department.

During the visit, the students also met with the company General Director David Tovmasyan, who answered students’ questions about the activities of the mining company.

The road leading to Geghanush was thoroughly repaired

 Another project revived within the framework of cooperation with Chaarat Kapan and the Kapan community. The part of the road leading from the Kapan community to Geganush, which remained outside the previous project, was completely repaired.

For road construction, the company provided about 68  million AMD  to the community.

It should be noted that in previous years, the company contributed to the complete repair of the road leading to Geghanush. In 2020, the company provided about 64 million AMD  to the Kapan community, and in the framework of social cooperation in 2021, about 72 million AMD  were provided for the repair of the road.

Kapan will have a new preschool in the new academic year of 2023

The construction works of the preschool, funded by Chaarat Kapan, at Lernagortsneri 16 street in the Kapan community are nearing completion. At the moment, interior works are underway.

The 12 operating preschools in the town work in overloaded groups. During recent years building a new preschool has become an increasingly important issue for the community, with the launch of which the issue of attendance of around 150 children will be solved, new jobs will be created and most importantly, the best conditions for education and entertainment of the children will be provided. It is one of the unique buildings in the region as a preschool built with new technologies, every detail is carefully thought out here so that children will enjoy visiting the preschool.

For the project, the company allocated 100 million AMD in 2019 and 130 million AMD in 2022 to the community within the framework of the socio-economic partnership signed with the Kapan community.

This is one of the most important investments of Chaarat, for the implementation of which the company spared no expense so that the children of the town Kapan have favorable conditions.



On October 1, the world celebrates the International Day of the Elderly People

On the occasion of the day, the employees of Chaarat Kapan visited the “Artsvabyun” service center for the elderly people in Syunik marz to share the festive mood with the residents of the center and awaken in them the hope that they are not alone, but surrounded by the attention of all of us.

During the visit, they got acquainted with the daily life of the residents of the center, the conditions and problems created.It should be noted that the company always monitors the center’s problems and tries to participate in their solution as much as possible. Thanks to corporate cooperation for the 2nd year already, the elderly people are provided with firewood in winter.

The elderly people and the entire staff of the center thanked the company staff for their continuous attention and care.

Once again congratulations to all elderly people on their day. May each of you be happy and healthy enough to enjoy decline of life.

Gifts for first-graders

This year, on September 1, about 70 children of Chaarat Kapan employees attended the first grade.

According to tradition, the company sent the employees’ children to school in a festive mood. On the occasion of the day, Chaarat Gold Holdings Production Director Darin Cooper and Chaarat Kapan General Director David Tovmasyan congratulated the children and gave them presents.

We congratulate the first graders on passing the most important stage of life.  Let the power of knowledge always accompany them and bring success.

The best employees were rewarded!

On July 17, the professional holiday of the Miner and Metallurgist was celebrated in Armenia.

On the occasion of the day, Chaarat Kapan organized a festive event. The general manager of the company, Davit Tovmasyan, presented 18 employees of the company with certificates of appreciation, monetary rewards and gifts for their contribution to the improvement of production efficiency, conscientious work, and professionalism at work.

On the professional holiday, two employees of the company were awarded with commemorative medal and monetary award by the Branch Republican Union of Trade Unions of Miners, Metallurgists and Jewelers of the Republic of Armenia.

Congratulations to the awarded employees from the whole Chaarat management and colleagues.

National Polytechnic University of Armenia Student Visit

Students of the Kapan Branch of the National Polytechnic University of Armenia held their next ecology practical course at Chaarat Kapan’s operation. The course was dedicated to Environmental monitoring efforts. A theory class was followed by a visit of the Geghanush tailing dam accompanied by our Environmental specialists. Students were able to observe ongoing regular water sampling and river flow testing carried out by the specialists of Chaarat Kapan’s Environmental Department and were able to discuss questions during the visit.

Given the strong interest of the students for more practical insights, the positive feedback from the University and our overall cooperation with the community around educational programmes, Chaarat Kapan plans to regularly organise such practical courses and support an effort towards implementing Environmental visits into the university curriculum.



Happy June 1st!


On June 1st, the International Children’s Day, employees of Chaarat Kapan visited the children of the Geghanush kindergarten and handed out small presents.
Congratulations to all children on this happy occasion. Wishing you a bright childhood and a peaceful and prosperous future.

April 28 is the International Day for Occupational Safety

As always, this year Chaarat Kapan organized a festive event on this day.

Ensuring the safety and health of employees in the workplace is one of the primary and most important preconditions for the company, to which various measures are taken.

To better celebrate Safet Day, it was decided to recognize April 28 of each year as the safest workplace of the year on April 28 of each year, in order to strictly comply with safety rules and requirements throughout the year. This year Mill was recognized as the best, awarded with a letter of thanks and a prize.

General Manager David Tovmasyan congratulated the employees of the Mill, believing that next year the number of the best safe departments will increase.

Congratulations to all the employees of the company on the International Day of Occupational Safety. May you only have success and achievement in the workplace.

Safe work to all of you.

Kapan will soon have a modern kindergarten

   David Tovmasyan, General Manager of Chaarat Kapan CJSC, and Gevorg Parsyan, Mayor of Kapan, signed a Socio-Economic Cooperation Agreement, which will finance the project to complete the kindergarten at 16 Lernagortsner Street in Kapan in 2022. Chaarat Kapan plans to allocate AMD 130 million (USD 285k) for 2022.

The building of the kindergarten is old and not in a good condition and had to be renovated in stages. In previous years, Chaarat Kapan financed about AMD 140 million (USD 306k) for these works and now provides funding for the final renovation works in 2022.

During the meeting, David Tovmasyan, the company General Manager, reaffirmed that Chaarat Kapan is pleased to participate in the implementation of various projects aimed at the welfare of the Kapan community, one of which is the completion of this project, which, according to those in charge, will be one of the best preschool institutions in the region.

In his speech, Kapan Mayor Gevorg Parsyan emphasized the role of the Kapan Mining Company in solving the socio-economic issues of the community, and once again thanked the management of the company for the close community-company cooperation.

The need for a new kindergarten is very important for the community, which will solve the issue of attendance of about 150 children, will create jobs and, most importantly, will create the best conditions for the raising and entertaining Kapan children.

If the program is successful, in September 2023 the kindergarten will be ready to accept its first students.