Our priority is to ensure the health and safety of every person working in Chaarat Kapan; whether he/she is a Company employee, a contractor or a visitor.

Our goal is to have zero accidents and injuries at workplace. To ensure safe and health workplace, our health and safety officers carry out daily inspections to identify hazards, assess the risks, take measures to eliminate, minimize or manage them, if it is impossible to eliminate them completely. The Company adheres to occupational health and safety international practice.

24-hour on site mine rescue team and the medical staff quickly respond to possible accidents.

The department performs the following duties:

  • Induction for new employees, contractors and visitors
  • Daily inspections in all the departments of the company
  • Safe organization and surveillance over the activities implemented
  • Conducting regular trainings by professions
  • Collaboration with technical inspection authorities and target communities.
  • Take measures to improve workplace safety
  • Technical investigation, logging and analysis of accidents and incidents.