“ Chaarat Kapan” CJSC

Health and Safety Policy

Working Safely is a core value of our company. We believe that all incidents that could injure our employees and contractors are preventable.

•Safety and Health is a core value
•All incidents are preventable
•No work is so important that we can’t take the time to do it safely
•We all have the right to refuse work which we believe to be unsafe
•Working together, we can find safe ways to get the job done
•Production is ONLY sustainable if carried out in a safe manner

Management shall provide leadership, direction, and resources that effectively:
•Provides the knowledge, training and ability to work safely
•Helps Identify hazards and ways to reduce workplace risks to acceptable levels
•Provides the equipment and tools to work safely at all times
•Ensures the creation of a culture where we learn and improve when incidents occur
•Allows everyone to be a Safety Leader with everyone looking out for each other
•Meets or exceeds local requirements and Internati